Saturday, 11 August 2012

Psycho Photographers

I have a couple things about pictures girls take I don't understand. Why are scientists researching evolution and dinosaurs when they could be researching the brains of a species I like to classify as - females.

As a fellow female, I never understood this or related to these girls. Thank goodness. I'm scared of what would happen if I did. Goosebumps.

Number one, why do girls almost never smile in pictures? Is everyone with XX chromosones depressed?

Not having their full face in the raging warts on the other half?

Duckface. Enough said.

Wrinkling of the forehead. You see, old people hand over wads of cash for botox, surgery and creams to get rid of the wrinkly landscape engraved on their face. And these 13 year olds want wrinkles? Be my guest, you can have all mine.

When girls post lyrics above their photos. Most of the time, its some stupid lyrics from Gotye, other times it is totally unrelated. For example, a picture of a slut with her boobs up to her neck and the caption is "You don't know me, you know my story <3" Let me guess, your story involves a plastic surgeon?

Eyes to the side. I don't get why girls do this, at all. I don't want to. Quite frankly, I'm scared of knowing.

And lastly, when girls are sluts and push their AA's together and photoshop them to make them FF's. Those are huge your arms naturally curve in like that?

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