Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Driving With My Mother

We all make mistakes.

Driving with my mother...not the most pleasant experience. I've driven before, however they weren't insane.

The first time driving in my car was good. Until I needed to turn, stop, signal, accelerate or reverse. Why did we get rid of the horse and carriage? Carrots are a lot cheaper than gas.

Speaking of gas, my mother used half a tank before I even got behind the wheel. At $42 a tank, I think my car will make a phenomonal garage ornament.

I turn sharply very nicely. The issue with that is I turn sharply when I don't need to. As if glasses for 12 years wasn't enough, soon I'll need hearing aids too. I think I made my mothers blood pressure spike more than salt ever could.

And the last thing I need to work on is stopping without giving myself whiplash.

I'm not a bad driver, but I think I will slip my mom a few drinks prior to driving next time. Now, off to read Stephen King. Much less terrifying than driving with her.

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