Thursday, 28 February 2013

Fear of Pigs

Okay, so I'm not really scared of pigs. I love bacon as much as the next person. However, what happens to scare me is pigs driving me out of my house and stealing all my apples and milk, and obviously, instituting communism. By this point, I probably sound like a crazy person. No worries, I am but I'll explain. I am reading Animal Farm by George Orwell and let me tell you, Snowball and Neopolean are total jerk-face-loser-buttheads.

Can you seriously tell me that if pigs walked upright and made commandments for everyone to follow and was in battle against farmers that you wouldn't soil your pants? Thought not.

But I digress, the book is great and totally weird.

Not to mention George Orwell refers to North Korea as a moral wilderness. Is that hilarious to anyone except me?

P.S Are there any other teenagers on the face of the world that love political science? Don't think so...

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