Monday, 17 September 2012

High School: Friends, Memories and Emotional Scars

Two weeks ago I started grade 10; high school. I was super excited for it! We all make mistakes in life. Three more years of this? Yay.

Even in the highest level cirriculum classes, I don't feel like it. Why? Worksheets on bananas handed out in class; the banana wars. Potassium starts a real riot.

And why is it that teachers think you can go to the bathroom, talk to friends, get your books, get a drink, slay a dragon and make it to class in a period of five minutes?

Alas, even in high school we play musical chairs. Well, "Cell Musical Chairs" with no chairs...

And as a bonus, colouring sheets!! I can't even stay inside the lines... That takes talent!

Even through suffering through painful rounds of musical chairs, agonizing classes and rising early, there is some insane part of me that actually likes school. Take me away officier, I cause havoc amongst all underachievers.

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